Rods, Staves, and Wands

Any character can use a rod, but staves have restrictions on who may use them (as per their descriptions below). Only a Magic-User can wield a wand. Wands normally hold about 100 charges when newly created, but inevitably have considerably fewer remaining when discovered as treasure.

  • Wand of Magic Detection – When in use, the wand causes any magic item within 20’ of the user to glow.
  • Wand of Secret Doors and Trap Detection – This wand gives warning or points to any hidden door, panel, trap, or the like within 20’ of the user.
  • Wand of Fear – When discharged, all creatures in a cone 60’ long, 30’ wide at its end must make a Save vs. Magical Item or panic and flee for 1d4 turns, dropping everything they are holding and running away at top speed.
  • Wand of Cold – Expels a cone of cold 60’ long and 30’ wide at its end, causing 6d6 damage. Targets may make a Save vs. Magical Items to reduce rolled damage to half.
  • Wand of Paralyzation – Projects a ray 60’ long and 30’ wide. Those not making their Save vs. Paralysis are paralyzed for 6 turns.
  • Wand of Fireballs – This wand shoots forth a fireball up to 240’, which will explode at the desired point with a burst radius of 20’. Anyone within the blast zone will take 6d6 damage; half damage is taken if the victim makes his Save vs. Magical Items.
  • Staff of Healing – This staff may only be used by Clerics and will heal 1d6+1 points of damage with a touch up to 3 times a day.
  • Snake Staff – This magical quarterstaff gives Clerics a +1 bonus to hit and damage opponents. On command it will also coil around the target like a snake, rendering him helpless or preventing a counterattack for 1d4 turns. It then crawls back to the Cleric and reverts to staff form.
  • Rod of Cancellation – This rod, about 4’ in length, can be used by any character. It will function only once, but if it strikes any magic item it will drain all magical properties from the item. It grants a +2 bonus to hit when used to attack like a club.


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