Rings must be worn to take effect; placing one in a pocket will do nothing until it is slipped on a finger. Rings can be used by anyone, but only one ring per hand is allowed, more will cancel each other out.

  • Animal Control – The wearer can command 3d6 small, 2d8 medium, or 1d6 large animals. The character must think of simple commands like “heel!”, “attack!”, “fetch!”, etc. Only 3 commands per turn can be given to an animal. Constant concentration must be maintained to keep control.
  • Weakness – This ring affects the wearer immediately when it is placed on the finger, and it cannot be removed without a remove curse spell. Each turn the wearer loses 1 point of Strength until he is at only half his normal score. This weakness is reflected in defense, attack, and carrying ability. There is a 5% chance that the ring will act in reverse when first put on, thus making the wearer stronger (up to a maximum 18). A weakness ring which works as intended will always do so, while one that does work in reverse for one person still has a 95% chance for causing weakness in any other who wears it.
  • Protection +1 – Grants the wearer a +1 bonus to Armor Class, as well as a +1 bonus to all saving throws.
  • Three Wishes – Wishes are limited in power and require the GM’s discretion in implementation. If a character asks for more wishes, the simple answer is no – it cannot do that. If the character wishes for something very powerful or a great treasure, the ring will bring the character to the location of that item and they may still have to endure whatever dangers guard it. Players tend to get greedy for their characters, thus a GM must require exact phrasing of a wish; one wrong word could bring disaster.
  • Fire Resistance – Normal fire will do no damage to the wearer, and the ring provides a +2 bonus to Save vs. Spells for fireballs or dragon fire. In addition, it allows the character to ignore 1 point of fire damage for each die rolled. For example, a successful save vs. a 6d6 fireball (for roll of 22) would halve the damage (11) and subtract another 6 points, for a total of 5 points of damage.
  • Contrariness – Once this cursed ring is put on, it cannot be removed without remove curse spell, and causes character to do the opposite of what is asked of them.
  • Invisibility – Putting this on keeps the wearer invisible, but as soon as he attacks he becomes visible for the rest of that round and must cease hostile actions to go invisible again.
  • Regeneration – As long as this ring is worn by a character, 1hp per turn is regenerated, even if the wearer is dismembered and killed. Limbs and such will grow back within a day; only heads cannot be re-grown once severed.
  • Plant Control – This allows the wearer to control plants and fungi, either 1d6 large individuals, or a 10’ x 10’ area of ground covered with vegetation, but concentration must be maintained.


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