Miscellaneous Magic Items

  • Bag of Holding – A magic bag that will hold up to 10,000 coins, but weighs only 300 coins. Alternatively, it can take an object up to 10’ x 5’ x 3’ in size, whereupon it weighs 600 coins.
  • Broom of Flying – Upon uttering a secret command, this item will carry the user through the air at 240’ per turn; carrying another person reduces the speed to 180’ per turn. It will come at the command if it is spoken within 240’. The command is usually cryptically carved on the item.
  • Crystal Ball – A Magic-User can see things at a distance through this sphere up to 3 times per day. Use for an extended period requires a day of rest afterwards. Objects and places are best seen if they are familiar to the viewer and are close by. Unfamiliar or distant scenes are harder to perceive, the vision fading quickly and cannot be regained. Spells cannot be sent through the ball.
  • Elf Boots – Wearable by anyone with suitably sized feet, these boots allow completely silent movement at all times.
  • Elf Cloak – This grey cloak makes any wearer invisible, as per the spell. Spells or magical detection can see through the cloak.
  • Medallion of ESP – Any character can use this device, which functions like an ESP spell, but malfunctions on a roll of 6 on a d6.
  • Bag of Devouring – This looks just like a Bag of Holding, but anything placed within it is devoured in 7-12 turns.
  • Helm of Evil/Good – When any character places this helmet on his head, it immediately changes his alignment to the exact opposite. It can be removed only with a Cleric’s Remove Curse spell. This helm only works those who are already good or evil characters – it has no effect on neutral characters.
  • Rope of Climbing – This 50’ long, thin cord will obey commands that allow it to snake downwards or climb upwards, fasten onto things, etc. It can be used to climb up or down, bearing up to 10,000 coins in weight without breaking. Only magic swords or daggers can cut it, breaking its enchantment if they do.
  • Gauntlets of Ogre Power – These heavy gauntlets add 2d8 points of damage to all melee attacks by the wearer; even if using just his fists. There are no bonuses to hit! The character is able to carry an additional 1,000 coins in weight without being overloaded.
  • Helm of Telepathy – Anyone putting on this helmet can read the thoughts of any other creature within 90’. If more intelligent than the target, the wearer of the helm may be able to impress his will upon the creature. Monsters save at –2 and characters at –1 vs. Spells to resist the wearer’s will. Suggestions to commit suicide will always fail!


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