Raise Dead Ritual

Upon reaching 7th level, a Cleric is rewarded by his deity with the ability to raise the dead. This is not a spell but a very time consuming and physically exhausting ritual. The ritual requires much preparation and takes 1 to 3 days to perform. During this time, the Cleric can do nothing else and must stay within 10’ of the corpse. This ritual works only on humans, dwarves, and halflings. If, at the beginning of the ritual, a character has been dead more days than the Cleric’s level, he cannot be brought back. For example, a 9th level Cleric can only raise a dead character that has been dead for 9 days or less.

Clerics do not perform this ritual frivolously. It is a very special power granted to them by their deity for their unwavering and unquestionable loyalty. The GM must carefully monitor a Cleric’s alignment once he is able to use this ritual. If he does not adhere strictly to the path, he will not be granted the power.

The ritual will replace one 4th level spell slot, and no other spell can be cast during the ritual itself. The Cleric cannot do anything except stay with the corpse until it is finished. Leaving the 10’ limit would break off the ritual. Upon completing the ritual, all of the spell power the Cleric exhausted during that time is returned to him, but he must rest 6 hours for each day the ritual took.

When a character is brought back to life, he is bedridden for at least two weeks while he regains his hit points. The character regains his HP at the rate of 1d4 per day until fully healed.


All Clerics of 7th level or above can also perform a ritual similar to Raise Dead, referred to as Reincarnation. This will work on elves, too! Instead of drawing the spirit back into the body of the fallen character, this ritual will allow the spirit to take residence in the body of a nearby corpse.

To do this, the Cleric must have an animal corpse at his side that has not been dead for more days than his level. The spirit can rise
in any form of mammalian creature like a bear, deer, or horse, but it will not come back as the character’s former race or a monster.
The reincarnated character will retain his former intellect while gaining all the physical abilities of his new form.


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