Armor and Magical Weapons

When a character dons magical armor, the bonus will improve the armor class of the character. Chain mail would normally be AC5, but magical chain mail +1 is AC4. There is also cursed armor, which has the opposite effect, making the character’s AC worse; for example, cursed chain mail –1 would be AC6. The GM decides whether the magic armor is leather, chain, or plate mail.

During their adventures, the PCs will come across certain monsters that can only be hurt with magical weapons. Magic weapons also have other modifiers. When a character uses a magical sword, he adds the bonus onto the die roll to hit his target. A sword +1 would allow a player to roll a d20 and add a +1 to the score (in addition to other modifiers). Again a cursed sword has the opposite effect. Some magical swords include other bonuses, such as a damage bonus; this must be decided by the GM on a case-by-case basis.

Weapons other than swords always add the modifier to the d20 attack roll and rolled damage. This includes magical bows and arrows, which stack if used together.


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