Have a COW (Creature of the Week) #20: The Complete Dread List

Crazy enough, we’ve covered all of the Dread since we started the Creature of the Week effort a year ago! So it’s time to pull all of them together into one complete list of links for easy access… Design Thoughts

Have a COW (Creature of the Week) #19: Dread Lord

Amazingly, we’re hitting the end of our high-level exploration of the Dread. All that’s left after the Dread Queen is the Dread Lord – a creature so theoretical that it’s never actually been seen. Design Thoughts If the Queen is the heart and intelligence of the hive, the Lord is essentially the nerve center for…

Story Seeds Design: A Polti Plots Approach

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve chatted with Keith J. Davies more than a few times about some of my encounter/story seeds design questions – from the content to the presentation. It’s been quite helpful (thanks Keith!) And it’s forced me to reexamine a few things, which is always good. 🙂 But one of…

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