Have a COW (Creature of the Week) #20: The Complete Dread List

Crazy enough, we’ve covered all of the Dread since we started the Creature of the Week effort a year ago! So it’s time to pull all of them together into one complete list of links for easy access… Design Thoughts

Have a COW (Creature of the Week) #4: Dread Hollows

Though the Dread are a force of evil in the Aliens & Asteroids universe, we only describe them in broad terms in the main book. There are many reasons for that, but mostly it was because I had one idea of what the Dread were for myself but I didn’t want to pigeonhole other GMs…

The Hollows are Coming

One of the biggest features of the Dread inĀ Aliens & Asteroids is their ability to drain the life from a world one life-form at a time. We’re not talking plant-life here either. Any higher-order creature with a sizable life force that can be used to fill a battery for the Monarch, whose hunger has no…

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