Mazes & Perils Vile Witch cover mediumShe’s coming for you, out of the darkness. She’s full of bile, pus, and spite… Plus she reeks of the sewers, dung heaps, and garbage that has been the product of the civilized world for generations. Are you ready for her? She’s ready to give you a kiss!

The Vile Witch is a nasty creature… part spellcaster, part disease vector, and 100% trouble for whoever runs across her.

Here’s a bit of a preview…

“In a world of plenty, there is a ton of refuse. Trash, filth, dregs, and oddments litter the streets, flow downstream, and fill the dark, wet nooks and crannies we’d rather choose to forget. Some folks, however, call those spaces home.

Originally created by the primitive, goblinoid races to celebrate the scum and leavings of the upper worlds, Vile Witches and Warlocks have chosen to embrace these discards as treasures. They may be dirty and lacking in the finer social graces, but there is power to be had among the dross.

Though the earliest of these witches may have been primitives on the outskirts, there are many now among the poorest parts of cities and towns, quietly gathering power for themselves. These are the penniless, the destitute, and the paupers left out in the cold, cruel world. But in those surroundings they have found a simple grace among the waste of the world.

Even so, these vile, wretched spellcasters will shun anything new, choosing instead to reuse that which others have thrown away. They have become scavengers of the highest order, picking through the remainders of each day to find the nuggets and pearls tossed aside. They see others who waste resources upon expensive gear and fine clothing as ignorant and frivolous, blind to the fate of the less fortunate right under their noses…”

The Vile Witch supplement offers 14 pages (9 pages of content) enabling you to play this new class as a PC or an NPC in a Mazes & Perils campaign. It includes some neat new tricks, nearly 20 new spells, plus rules for Familiars and Swarms you can use to entice or frighten your players.

She is only the first of a few new classes we have planned for M&P, so keep an eye out to see what else we have in store for you to play with!

Where can you find this fiendish wizard? It’s available now!

The Press

It already has a 5-star rating over at DriveThruRPG, but even better – a great article from Tim Brannan over at the Other Side Blog, which takes our creepy little witch and spins it even further down the line to awesomeness!