The Gods have not forsaken you, mortal. They have sent warriors on holy missions to protect you in your hour of need. Holy Knights dedicated to the ideals of their patron deities to lead the charge against the forces of evil!

mazes-perils-holy-knight-coverHe’s around the corner, kneeling in prayer before engaging with the enemy. He’s there, on horseback, a beacon of hope and light. He’s there to fight back the darkness and lead you to the light!

The Holy Knight is a blessed warrior of all things good and pure. They are the bane of true evil and their very presence can turn away the undead and keep them at arm’s length.

Here’s a bit of a preview…

“Focused on becoming masters of martial combat, Holy Knights only gain limited casting abilities at higher levels. But as bastions of good, they are the bane of true evil everywhere. Their very presence can turn undead and keep them at bay.

When starting down the path of a Holy Knight, each champion gains an understanding of the evils they face. This understanding grants them bonuses against such evils in combat. As their studies continue, they learn strategies for dealing with many forms of undead. And at the highest levels, they are immune to fear and supernatural death. They have a profound belief that their gods will protect them against their enemies, and they use that belief as a shield…

The Holy Knight supplement offers 10 pages (5 pages of content) enabling you to play this new class as a PC or an NPC in a Mazes & Perils campaign. It includes some neat new tricks, 6 new spells, plus rules for Followers and Squires you can use to enhance your campaigns when leaders present themselves.

He is only one of a few new classes we have planned for M&P, so keep an eye out to see what else we have in store for you to play with!

Where can you find this holy warrior? It will be available the first week of October at the following stores:

  • DriveThruRPG
  • RPGNow
  • The Open Gaming Store
  • Tabletop Library

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