As GMs, we create entire worlds, adventures, and characters in broad strokes, leaving the little details to sort themselves out when the time is right. But sometimes the little things need a little nudge.

Little Spaces offers a splash of inspiration for a particular space for just such an emergency…

Available Little Spaces Products

little-spaces-ghostly-effects-cover Little Spaces: Scary Basements Little Spaces: Fancy Meals Cover Little Spaces: Shipwrecks cover Little Spaces: Abandoned Places cover Little Spaces: Gruesome Graves Little Spaces: Horrid Hallways cover Little Spaces: Creepy Copses cover big-book-little-spaces-haunts-cover3-medium-231x300 Little Spaces: Dinner Guests cover Little Spaces: Tavern Trouble cover little-spaces-burial-mounds-cover

Little Spaces: Spacecraft cover Little-Spaces-Pirate-Ships-cover Little-Spaces-From-the-Moon-cover


Little Spaces: Ghostly Effects

Little Spaces: Scary Basements

Little Spaces: Fancy Meals

Little Spaces: Shipwrecks

Little Spaces: Abandoned Places

Little Spaces: Gruesome Graves

Little Spaces: Horrid Hallways

Little Spaces: Creepy Copses

Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts

Little Spaces: Dinner Guests

Little Spaces: Tavern Trouble

Little Spaces: Burial Mounds

Little Spaces: Spacecraft

Little Spaces: Pirate Ships

Little Spaces: From the Moon…