Mazes & Perils: The Treasure Hunter


Did you hear about that strange artifact they uncovered over in the City-State of Zhilin? It lit up like the sun in the dark when they uncovered it in the bowels beneath the city and I heard it was bright enough that it destroyed a vampire!

No, really? I think I have a buyer for such an amazing tool! Where did you say they found it again?


History is full of treasures waiting to be discovered or rediscovered, yet few adventurers are gutsy enough to go after them. These prizes are normally found in ruins, caves, forests, and jungles — places where the wild has reclaimed the edges of civilization or structures have fallen into disuse. And sometimes there are people who hold these prizes as sacred property, amassing private collections they hold dear. Either way, whether braving the wild, unexplored, forgotten, or protected places, it takes a special breed of hero to accept the challenge and retrieve them.

Treasure Hunters are just the right kind of crazy to take on this task.

The Treasure Hunter is, at heart, a historian and seeker of things and places the masses think to be only legends. Hunters know that legends always have a basis in fact, and they will track down the barest scraps of detail to help them in their quest, by any means necessary. Hunters are just as comfortable in the wild as they are in the library, and they know how to turn on the charm and sex appeal to entice those in the know to spill their secrets.

The Treasure Hunter is the next new class for Mazes & Perils – a cross between a con man and a minor wizard who can get the job done or anger a crowd and escape with his life!

This 10-page supplement (5 pages of content) offers a fully formed class you can play as a PC or NPC in a Mazes & Perils campaign – complete with new abilities to get in and out of trouble in a hurry.


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