Mazes & Perils: Character Sheet


This simple character sheet provides places for all the key elements for your Mazes & Perils characters – from stats and saves to spells and stuff. We hope you use it at your table for all your Mazes & Perils campaigns!


The Mazes & Perils Role-playing Game (MnP) takes a page from the first wave of the Old School Renaissance (OSR) when it wasn’t OLD at all… Inspired by the 1977 “Holmes” edition of the world’s most popular role-playing game, it shuns pages and pages of rules for a simpler time when House rules were the order of the day. And here’s the free character sheet you can use for those simpler characters! Feel free to download and print for all your MnP character needs!

We now have three simple character sheets for your use, including one that’s a form fillable PDF!


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