Moebius Adventures Offers Inspiration, Games, and Adventures

Why not toss a few dice to find a writing prompt to inspire your next tabletop role-playing adventure? Or try a new game like Aliens & Asteroids? Or even just find some new stories for your heroes to test their mettle against at your next game session?


Looking for a bit of inspiration for your next game? Check out the Insta-NPCs or Little Spaces products!

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Need a game to play with your group? Check out Aliens and Asteroids!

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Or check out some of our adventure modules for OSR systems. Adventure in the Lost Age!

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Updated NPC Stat Block #2

And here’s the other variation (you’ll notice the Armor & HP are separate). Which do you prefer? –Fitz Generic Villager Weapons: Quarterstaff (2H): +2 Strike/Parry, Damage Potential 9; Shortbow Arrows (20), Damage Potential 6; Shortbow: +2 Strike/Parry # of Possible Actions: 3; Feet per action: 2; Reality Check: 4 Armor: Leather, AR: 3, DC: 24;…

Will be posting the Sample Adventure for feedback next week…

Hi there… I will be posting the Sample Adventure that we are including with the Moebius Adventures Roleplaying Game Core Rules book on the blog early next week to try and get some feedback on layout, story, and balance. If you have any comments, please either add them as comments to that article on the…

Busy week!

Hi all… Thought I’d  let you know what an interesting week it’s been… 1) I’ve been in contact with an artist (Jason Adams – who may be doing some art for us — a full color cover for the Core Rules book  and  some internal b&w art also. 2) I’ve been in contact with…

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