Moebius Adventures Offers Inspiration, Games, and Adventures

Why not toss a few dice to find a writing prompt to inspire your next tabletop role-playing adventure? Or try a new game (like Aliens & Asteroids) or an Old School game like Mazes & Perils? Or even just find some new stories for your heroes to test their mettle against at your next game session?


Looking for a bit of inspiration for your next game? Check out the Insta-NPCs or Little Spaces products!

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Need a game to play with your group? Check out Mazes and Perils or Aliens and Asteroids!

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Or check out some of our adventure modules for OSR systems. Adventure in the Lost Age!

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Wow! Amazing Core Rules Response!

Hi all… So the great ThanksGiveAway is going gangbusters at RPGNow and DriveThruRPG today… The Moebius Adventures Core Rules book hit an amazing 200+ free downloads after a mere 3.5 hours of being available for download. I’m hoping that the folks who grabbed the game will have a chance to review it and post their…

Moebius Adventures Core Rules Released Early!

Hi all! Great news! The Moebius Adventures Core Rules book is available for purchase in both softcover and eBook formats on Monday, November 12, almost three weeks ahead of schedule! To purchase the softcover book for $24.95 + shipping, go to the Moebius Adventures Lulu storefront. To purchase the eBook for $10.95, go to…

Random Generators Galore

Hey all… Just stumbled upon a great RPG/writing resource that lists between 25-35 different random generators for a variety of things, including, but not limited to: Female names (French, Japanese) Male names (French, Japanese) Medieval Names Trendy Names Gnomish Names And a variety of other name generators And then there’s these lovely numbers: Detailed Character…

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