It’s Christmastime! Oh wait, it’s July… But DriveThruRPG and RPGNow are celebrating Christmas in July! There is no better time to download some of the best titles from Moebius Adventures to feed your gaming muse. Just about all of our books are 25% off through the end of July!

Looking for a new Old School RPG to try? Why not pick up Mazes & Perils Deluxe with everything you need included in one book.

Or take our latest adventure for Mazes & PerilsThe Snake’s Heart, completely revised and redone. It went from 4,000 words to more than 12,000 — quite a growth spurt!

Maybe grab some new classes for your Old School campaigns such as the Vile Witch or the Holy Knight!

Or get some inspiration for your own worlds from books like the Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts or Brick by Brick: Doors.

Download these and much more today during the Christmas in July Sale. See all of our titles today at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow!

Thanks for staying in the Loop with Moebius Adventures! Always remember to keep a well-fed muse… you never know when you’ll need an encounter!

–Fitz and the Gang at Moebius Adventures


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