May Moebius Madness 2014! 44% off EVERYTHING – UPDATED

Welcome to my madness! This week I am celebrating my 44th birthday. And for some reason, it’s driven me CRAZY! Everywhere you can purchase Moebius Adventures products… DriveThruRPG RPGNow The Paizo Store The d20pfsrd Store … you can purchase Moebius products at 44% off their original price. UPDATE: The Paizo and d20pfsrd portions of the…

Happy GM’s Day!

That’s right! It’s GM’s Day! The day when you show your Game Master, Dungeon Master, Keeper, or Storyteller just how much you care! And Moebius Adventures has just the thing for your GM. Inspiration! We have it in droves! All Moebius products are on sale for the GM’s Day Sale at DTRPG, so pick up…

Book Review: Filling the empty chair by Johnn Four (

When you’re in school, it’s easy to find gamers. I remember playing with people in junior high and high school, in college and even immediately after college. But at some point it starts to get difficult. People have jobs and families and other commitments that don’t let them game as often as they’d like. Or maybe . . . → Read More: Book Review: Filling the empty chair by Johnn Four (

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