So after 31 days of fun fiction with the haunted asylum, I’m hoping to do some catching up in November and getting back to a routine again… We’ll see how that works!

Though this weekend didn’t afford me much time to get that started (last full weekend of soccer for my girls and Halloween made for a bit of a challenge), here’s what I have on the agenda:

  • Summaries for September 2015 and October 2015 as far as sales, web traffic, and the usual suspects
  • Back to work on Revenge of the Serpent Queen (the Snakes series final chapter)
  • Back to work on my next project with Vince Florio (to be announced in early 2016)
  • Plus a new “living” project I hope to kick off in the next couple of weeks that may lead to other similar projects

Beyond that, we have the upcoming AetherCon 2015 online convention that I’ll be helping with.

Should be an interesting month!

Any questions? I’m just playing catch-up this week and doing some prep for November 13th.

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