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  • Diminution – The drinker will shrink to a height of 6” … only a couple of apples high.
  • Giant Strength – This potion will enable the user to go head to head with a stone giant, matching his strength and using the same attack table for attack, causing 3d6 points of damage with a successful blow.
  • Growth – Down this potion in one gulp and grow 30’ tall, or take half and grow to 15’.
  • Gaseous Form – The user’s physical body becomes gaseous and able pass through any barrier that is not airtight. All possessions immediately fall to the ground.
  • Poison – If drunk, a Save vs. Poison is required. If it is merely sipped, the GM may choose to hint at the potion being dangerous.
  • Fly – Allows the drinker to fly at will with just a thought, much like the spell, except the potion determines duration.
  • Invisibility – Same as invisibility spell, except the potion determines duration.
  • Haste – The character moves twice as fast, and doubles his normal number of attacks per round.
  • Delusion – This concoction makes the character believe he has taken whatever potion he thought it was, but nothing is really happening, except in his mind.
  • Healing – this elixir immediately heals 1d6+1 points of damage upon being consumed.

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Other Potion Types

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