Revisiting the Past: Squishy Wizards

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  • “It’s a different world. The sooner you come to grips with that, the easier it’ll get for you.” (Rob)
  • “But can be used to cause damage. Like to light a web or grease from the spell on fire.” (Rob)
  • “Had this exact conversation when friends were getting me to try 5e over this past year.” (Tim)

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  1. Magical effects are packaged into distinct spells, each with a fixed purpose.
  2. Spells must be prepared ahead of time and can only be used once before having to be prepared again.
  3. Wizards have a finite capacity for prepared spells and must rest to “reload” their capabilities when they run out of them.

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  • easier access to scrolls as fire and forget magic
  • easier access to low-level magic items like wands of magic missiles
  • modify the class to add more spells at lower levels

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