The Snake’s Heart – A Lost Age Adventure for Mazes & Perils (Softcover)


Bandits! Kidnapped children! Ancient evil!

As our heroes head past the small village of Elhann, they find themselves drawn into a battle that could lead to the end of the world… A local bandit is kidnapping children from this and other villages – but why? Will our heroes get to the bottom of the mystery before it’s too late?


The Snake’s Heart is an adventure designed for 4-6 Mazes & Perils characters of 1st or 2nd level, but it can easily be adjusted for use with any edition of your favorite fantasy role-playing game.

The World of the Snake’s Heart is one of muscles, magic, and mad gods. This is a world where might makes right in all the worst ways. This is the Lost Age.

Your heroes are the adventurous souls of this day and find themselves traveling near the village of Elhann on the Great Plain — home to shepherds, gardeners, horsemen, and a few aged warriors. As they get closer, they find the village attacked by a group of bandits. At the edge of the village, they see four aggressors guarding a cage filled with children and the others nearby seem intent on adding to their catch. But a few have spotted your party and are coming to investigate!

This adventure has a little bit of everything, from saving the village of Elhann to rescuing its kidnapped kids and everything in-between. This is not for the faint of heart, as the Cult of the Serpent Queen has foul intentions for those innocent souls!


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