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Why not toss a few dice to find a writing prompt to inspire your next tabletop role-playing adventure? Or try a new game (like Aliens & Asteroids) or an Old School game like Mazes & Perils? Or even just find some new stories for your heroes to test their mettle against at your next game session?


Looking for a bit of inspiration for your next game? Check out the Insta-NPCs or Little Spaces products!

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Need a game to play with your group? Check out Mazes and Perils or Aliens and Asteroids!

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Or check out some of our adventure modules for OSR systems. Adventure in the Lost Age!

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World: [Immortals’ Wake] The Divine Form of the Church

As the dominant feature in the city of Belos, the Grand Basilica rises majestically above all other construction. Only two of the castle’s highest towers reaches the 150 foot height of the Basilica’s golden dome. From dawn to dusk, the dome catches the rays of the sun, lighting a beacon for the Church faithful. The…

Now part of the RPG Bloggers Network!

Hi all… This is probably just the gamer geek in me, but I’m excited to announce that this blog is now part of the RPG Bloggers Network! I want to thank Dave at Critical Hits for adding me to the list. I’ve been following posts on the network for what seems like years. It’s somewhat…

Demons in my Soup (Elemental Magic)

In the beginning, there were wizards with spellbooks and monsters with special abilities. Then there were superheroes and villains with powers. But I never played in a campaign where there was a mix of traditional fantasy and super powers – so we created one. Immortals’ Wake is a world in which magic, both arcane and…

Open-Ended Campaigns: Sandbox Trouble

In the various campaigns that I’ve run over the years, I have always tried to get close to the sandbox approach of storytelling. However, as all GMs who have tried it can probably attest, a wide open world has its issues. This is a cautionary tale to anyone looking to run their campaign wide open…

A Kind of Magic…

Hi there… No matter what form the magic takes – arcane, divine, or raw natural magic – it is a combination of concentration, ritual, and belief. Ritual components can be anything from gestures and words to actual physical or even spiritual elements. Physical components may even be tied to beliefs or holy symbols as opposed…

What if… Magic was made new again?

Hi there! Recently I’ve been reconsidering the role of magic in a roleplaying world and how a character might take advantage of it. In traditional RPGs such as D&D, Palladium Fantasy, GURPS, and so on, magic is a static thing. In the name of game balance, system creators have chosen to create schools of magic…

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