Class Dive: What about that Fighting Man?

Next up in this series where I take a look at the main character classes is the Fighting Man. I was going to look at the Cleric, but decided I’d spread out the spellcasters a bit. Yes, I know that “Fighting Man” a bit of… Read more

Zhilin Campaign Journal #3: The First Assignment

We’ve covered a bit about the group and setting, and then a bit about the optional rules I’m employing at my table. Now, finally, I can talk about that first assignment! Introductions The group made their way to Zhilin, as per the directions from their… Read more

Zhilin Campaign Journal #1: It Begins…

Sometimes the stars align properly and opportunities appear. Such is the case with a new campaign we just started last night with a new group. We’ll be playing Mazes & Perils and exploring the unexplored territory of the City-States to the West in the… Read more

Class Dive: What is a wizard, exactly?

This week I have the distinct pleasure of starting a new campaign and among the players, I have two who have not ever played a tabletop role-playing game before. Not since I taught my girls how to play D&D have I had new players… Read more

Beware! The Cult of the Serpent Queen is Loose Once More!

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re excited to finally release the revised version of The Snake’s Heart for Mazes & Perils to the world. This is a greatly expanded version of the adventure we first released in 2015 for Swords & Wizardry. Old adventure:… Read more

Things in the Dark Wrap-up – March 2017 RPG Blog Carnival

We kicked things off back on March 1st with a simple call for the RPG Blog Carnival, inviting the community to write about the “things” lurking in the dark. Maybe a creature. Maybe an encounter. Maybe an item. But whatever it was, shed a… Read more

The Darkness Within (March 2017 RPG Blog Carnival)

In previous posts for this month’s carnival I have spoken about different manifestations of darkness. Creatures. Places where it exists. Some folks have spoken about how to banish it by bringing light. Others have spoken about introducing it to your players to change the… Read more