Zhilin Campaign Journal #15: Children of the Scarred Tail

Once our heroes took care of the Shifter, a few preliminary questions were answered to the heroes’ satisfaction, and the ratlings were safe to move back to their nest, they took the PCs with them deeper into the tunnels. (See the last post for… Read more

Zhilin Campaign Journal #14: Ratlings… Meet the Ratlings…

Last time our heroes had just joined the battle between the rats and the strange, hairy, humanoid figure… And our heroes were unsure whether the creature in the center was Brun, a ratling, or something else. Bart, the Cleric, cast Detect Evil on the… Read more

Zhilin Campaign Journal #13: Into the Dark…

We began the third gaming session of the City-State of Zhilin campaign with a full complement of players. In fact, my two daughters stepped into a couple of roles so that we had even more folks around the table. Here’s a refresher of the… Read more

Zhilin Campaign Journal #12: Below the Sewers…

Amazingly we actually have another session scheduled for this week! And I have some fun things in mind for our stalwart band of Zhilin City Guards. Hopefully they will survive the encounters! But I have come up with a method, in a Little Spaces kind… Read more

Aliens & Asteroids: OSR-style Scifi Ranged Weapon Revised

Last week I brought up the ideas I had about a Pulse Rifle for Aliens & Asteroids. Some of it I liked, some of it I didn’t, and I asked the studio audience for help. Well, I got some great ideas, so I want to… Read more

Aliens & Asteroids: OSR-style Scifi Armor

Though my time these days is split three ways creatively (the Zhilin campaign for the Lost Age, an upcoming project I can’t talk about yet, and Aliens & Asteroids), I have been writing quite a bit about A&A in recent days as I read… Read more

Zhilin Campaign Journal #11: Blessings with a Big B

This past week as I looked back at the fun times we’ve been having with this campaign, I had an odd thought. I have many odd thoughts, but this one stuck. And it’s about godly blessings. Let’s start by describing a blessing as the… Read more

Zhilin Campaign Journal #10: Threads of Fate

No, we’re not talking about Fate the RPG here, but rather the various threads I can pull on a bit like Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos (the Greek Fates) in the plot skein of my campaign. So far we’ve introduced the following threads: The PCs… Read more