Purpose for the Darkness (March 2017 RPG Blog Carnival)

Last time I offered a few ideas on a single dark room in the dungeon, but that got me thinking even further. What are the questions we should ask about those dark places to help inspire more thoughts about their denizens and the encounters… Read more

Dark rooms in the dungeon (March 2017 RPG Blog Carnival)

Recently I saw some discussion about the idea of natural light in a dungeon, which I honestly thought was hilarious. Unless there’s some sort of natural lighting by way of lava, bio luminescence, or somebody or something living there, the darkness usually doesn’t defeat… Read more

Winter may be almost over, but the Snow Witch doesn’t care!

Though Spring may just be around the corner, we at Moebius Adventures just quietly released a new adventure to celebrate the colder months. Sure, things are thawing and we didn’t see a ton of snow here along the Front Range of Colorado — but… Read more

Things in the Dark: Science Fiction Edition (March 2017 RPG Blog Carnival)

My head has been in the dark reaches of space for a while as I’ve been working on some materials for a WIP game — Aliens & Asteroids. Though it’s begun as a Mazes & Perils reskin, it’s definitely changing into something else. However,… Read more

Things in the Dark: Light Sources (March 2017 RPG Blog Carnival)

It’s impossible to consider the darkness unless you have a source of light. As a species, we’re simply not equipped to see the types of energy wavelengths that other creatures can. It puts most humanoids at a disadvantage when exploring the dark places. So… Read more

Things in the Dark Kickoff – March 2017 RPG Blog Carnival

The darkness. For as long as we’ve been conscious as a species, we’ve tried to chase it away. From the flickering light of a torch and bonfire to today’s daylight-mimicking electric LED bulbs, the goal is always the same… achieve the relative safety of… Read more

Revisiting the Past: Spells — Slow and Haste

Apologies for the longer post today, but I think it’s an important topic for rules design and combat. Recently we had a group playtest one of our upcoming adventures for Mazes & Perils and Bill, the GM, ran into a few issues. Many of… Read more