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Why not toss a few dice to find a writing prompt to inspire your next tabletop role-playing adventure? Or try a new game (like Aliens & Asteroids) or an Old School game like Mazes & Perils? Or even just find some new stories for your heroes to test their mettle against at your next game session?


Looking for a bit of inspiration for your next game? Check out the Insta-NPCs or Little Spaces products!

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Need a game to play with your group? Check out Mazes and Perils or Aliens and Asteroids!

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Or check out some of our adventure modules for OSR systems. Adventure in the Lost Age!

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The Aliens & Asteroids Kickstarter is Live!!

The Dread are trying to come into our universe, but they need some help. That’s where you come in. By backing our Kickstarter, you provide a chance for the destruction of all life in our universe. Isn’t that fantastic!? 🙂 Here’s our blurb… Moebius Adventures is excited to announce the launch of its first Kickstarter,…

Embracing the Terror in Aliens & Asteroids

One of the things that has come up time and again is the “horror” or “terror” aspect of Aliens & Asteroids, and yet it’s something we’ve really just glossed over in those discussions. Well, I want to chat about that a bit. Though I am not a military person, I’ve seen glimpses of the lasting…

Diving into the Numbers

Though in my day job, I’m a software engineer, the math associated with most types of engineering has never been my strong suit. I use computers to do a lot of the number crunching for me, and that always ends up with interesting results. Because of that, it becomes more about algorithms than results most…

Send in the Drones, Part 3

So far we’ve talked about methods of locomotion and different functional approaches to creating drones in Aliens & Asteroids, but what about the pointy end? Weapons are probably going to be one of those crazy areas that really keep players thinking creatively and trying different things as bigger and badder villains emerge on the scene.…

Send in the Drones, Part 2

In the last post, I briefly went over some of the methods of locomotion that a drone can be built to employ in Aliens & Asteroids. I didn’t even cover the possibility of anti-gravity or adopting alien technologies into a drone, but I’m still fascinated by the idea of a drone with spider legs because…

Aliens & Asteroids: The First Public Playtest, Pt 5

Over the last few posts, I’ve discussed how one two hour session went at Petrie’s Family Games as the first public playtest of Aliens & Asteroids. And honestly, I think it went really well. It went so well in fact, we’ve had three more playtest sessions with a variety of players (and John was in…

Aliens & Asteroids: The First Public Playtest, Pt 4

Last time, our technician managed to dislodge the green goo he wanted from the device attached to the alien habitat. But apparently that was a bit like disturbing a hornet’s nest because a Grey Man stepped out of the habitat airlock with a gun pointed at the party! (Read more about getting the goo off…

Aliens & Asteroids: The First Public Playtest, Pt 3

In the last post, John’s technician “Sean Samsonite” and his drone (the “S.S. Prototype 1”) valiantly headed down into the crater with the alien bits and pieces. And when he spotted the jar of green alien goo on a device with blinking lights, he got very excited. So excited in fact that he jumped on…

Aliens & Asteroids: The First Public Playtest, Pt 2

In the last post, I covered a bit of the terror I felt when trying the whole “public playtest” thing again at Petries’ Family Games. Sure, Cameron was helping out by offering a space and telling folks about it on the website as well as on Facebook, but would it be enough? Well, apparently it…

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