The Purple Lotus - A Lost Age Adventure (NEW!!)

Who knew a flower could be the cause of so many problems? An adventure for 3-6 PCs…

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Serpents Below - A Lost Age Adventure

Missing workers! Snake pits of prognostication! Snake people! What is the Goddess up to this time? An adventure for 3-6 PCs…

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The Snake's Heart - A Lost Age Adventure

Bandits! Kidnapped children! Ancient evil!
An adventure for 3-6 PCs…

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LPC Fantasy Names IV

One hundred new random names generated from license plates, along with three brand new transformation techniques to spin them into thousands more!


Shiny New Website!

That’s right – after a couple of years without a proper website, it was time for a new one. It’s a work in progress, so bear with me and please report any weirdness you may run across. Eventually all product pages will migrate from the Blog site over to here.


Insta-NPCs #8: Bandits!

Bandits. Every world has them, from Robin Hood-style heroes to cattle rustlers to dens of scum and villainy across the galaxy. The latest Insta-NPCs product from Moebius Adventures offers some inspiration to create more than your average desperadoes… Available now!

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Open Spaces: On the Road...

Have your PCs ever wandered down a road where you didn’t have anything planned? So you pulled out a random encounter table, rolled, and *blam* – combat! What if you had another tool in your arsenal to use in these situations?

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Our Products

Moebius Adventures products aid the GM (and Player) by offering a bit of random inspiration for your muse!


Though Moebius Adventures has focused mainly on creating creativity tools for GMs and Players to inspire their writing and gaming… we also like to write the occasional adventure from time to time!


Have you ever created an amazing place for your campaign only to discover that you don’t immediately have a collection of NPCs to fill it? Or have your PCs ever stumbled into a place you haven’t had time to fully develop as a living, breathing part of the campaign?

Open Spaces

Have your PCs ever entered a broad landscape where you didn’t have anything planned? So you pulled out a random encounter table, rolled, and *blam* – combat! What if you had another tool in your arsenal to use in these situations?

Little Spaces

As GMs, we create entire worlds, adventures, and characters in broad strokes, leaving the little details to sort themselves out when the time is right. But sometimes the little things need a little nudge…

Brick by Brick

Occasionally we GMs need a bit of inspiration when designing structures. Whether it’s a dungeon, a castle, an inn, or a tavern, eventually a door is a door and the floor is the floor and we hardly notice any more…

One Spot

No matter what system you use for your games, being a game master is a perilous pastime. As soon as the players arrive with their PCs at the ready, your well-formulated plans can go off-the-rails at a moment’s notice. If you have somewhere to put the PCs for a bit while you ponder your options, it can smooth things out considerably…

License Plate Creations

Names have power. As GMs and players of role-playing games we know this. But sometimes we find ourselves powerless to come up with the right name at the right time. That’s when we need a little inspiration to step in.


Sometimes we get ideas that just don’t *fit* anywhere… That’s where these Moebius Adventures Spark products come in. They might be a page or more detailing a particular NPC, group, place, item, or whatever – designed to give YOU the creative spark to find someplace to use them.

Core Rules

The Moebius Adventures Roleplaying Game is a universal, cross-genre rule system that will take you on a journey up the Mobius Strip and back again until you see all the stops along the way.

Our Philosophy

Short on inspiration? Roll some dice!

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