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Why not toss a few dice to find a writing prompt to inspire your next tabletop role-playing adventure? Or try a new game like Aliens & Asteroids? Or even just find some new stories for your heroes to test their mettle against at your next game session?


Looking for a bit of inspiration for your next game? Check out the Insta-NPCs or Little Spaces products!

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Need a game to play with your group? Check out Aliens and Asteroids!

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Or check out some of our adventure modules for OSR systems. Adventure in the Lost Age!

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Group of of the Week: The Family Farm

Sorry this is a bit later than usual, but we had some work to do to clean up after some recent website issues. We are on track to get things cleaned up and more secure in the very near future, so thank you for your patience. This week we have a new take on the…

Group of of the Week: Dings & Dents

Sorry I’m a day late, but I had a great time at Crit Hit 4 in Phoenix and did manage to get a little writing done. Dings & Dents is one of those places you only want to go if you absolutely have to… Dings & Dents Biohacking Even in the crowded corridors of deep…

Group of of the Week: The DSM Caduceus

This week, we’re back to talking about a new group in the A&A universe — one that is pretty much needed for many groups to survive. Emergency medical services. Think of it as a hospital ship that may just be able to save your character’s life. 🙂 Caduceus Emergency Services The DSM Caduceus has the…

Group of the Week: The Lumino

The future is no stranger to the same conspiracy theorists that have always plagued humankind throughout history. There are always those who believe the world is flat, that the moon landing was faked, and that the Illuminati rule the world. Perhaps they’ll turn out to be right after all? Conspiracy Theorists “A happy citizenry is…

Group of the Week: Office of Infectious Diseases (OID)

Every time humankind discovers a new alien species, whether flora, fauna, or some other classification, there’s a possibility it’s carrying the disease that will wipe out humanity. The OID is the only organization vigilant enough to keep that from happening, they hope. Group of the Week: Office of Infectious Diseases (OID) Though humanity is often…

Group of the Week: Dominion Advancement and Research Agency (DARDA)

Deep in the Dominion government exists an agency protecting the advancement of technology within human controlled space. If that sounds devious, it is. Dominion Advancement and Research Agency (DARDA) Hidden within the dark folds of the Dominion is a group of eggheads shaping the future of technology across human space–and their names are hidden from…

Group of the Week: Medicorps

If your character ever has need of one of those handy Medikits in their gear, have you ever wondered where they came from? Medicorps Medicorps is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nemostone Industries, one of the top 50 corporations in the Dominion, and somehow manages to keep a low profile. The manufacturing company is definitely a…

Group of the Week: Stem to Stern, Inc.

A few weeks ago we talked about a group dedicated to refuse disposal. This week we’re talking about a cleaning crew dedicated to making your spacecraft or facility spotless, making you forget about any unsightly messes. Stem to Stern, Inc. (S2S) Every now and then, you may need your ship or facility cleaned by professionals.…

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Press Release: Parting Ways with Mazes & Perils

Colorado Springs, CO – May 17, 2019 – Moebius Adventures announces that Vincent Florio is parting ways as a publishing partner. All rights to Vince’s game, Mazes & Perils, as well as its supplemental products, are reverting back to him so he can move forward with Mazes & Perils Second Edition and other plans. Keep…

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